Aim & Scope

The Aim Of IJFDAE :

IJFDAE is a multidisciplinary journal Aims to serve the international fluid dynamics and aerospace engineering community through dissemination of original scientific knowledge on all theoritical and Practical research and design methodologies pertaining to all branches of science and Technology pertaining to fluid dynamics and Aerospace engineering.

The Scope Of IJFDAE :
  1. Aerospace/Non-Aerospace Applications
  2. Turbo Machines
  3. Heat Transfer
  4. Instability and Transition
  5. Unsteady, Reacting and Multiphase Flows
  6. Acoustics
  7. Flutter and Aerodynamic Noise
  8. Aerodynamics
  9. Grid Free Methods
  10. Algorithms/Numerical schemes
  11. Hypersonic/Micro Flows
  12. Naval Hydrodynamics
  13. High Performance Computation
  14. Large Eddy Simulation
  15. Electromagnetic
  16. Computational Electromagnetics Hybrid Methods
  17. Fast Iteration, Large Scale and Parallel computation
  18. Nano Scale Electromagnetics, MEMS
  19. Electromagnetic signal Processing, Wavelets, Neural Network
  20. Medical Electromagnetics, Biological Effects, MRI
  21. IC Engines
  22. Gas Turbines
Review Articles On Any Of The Above Topics Are Also Welcome